The Illawarra Radio Yacht Club (IRYC), formerly sailing as the Wollongong Model Yacht Club (WMYC), after many years operating in various locations across the Illawarra region made a membership based decision to become affiliated with the Illawarra Yacht Club (IYC), as their Radio Sailing Division, and permanently relocate to the IYC facilities on the northern side of Lake Illawarra at Warrawong.

The IRYC members regularly sail our main classes, being the DF65/RG65s, IOMs and A Class RC yachts, on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s from 11am till about 4pm and visitors are most welcome.

Joining our club will give you the opportunity to learn new skills which include designing the hulls, building boats & making your own sails, and learning the finer points of sailing and racing a radio-controlled yacht.

You can be a social sailor by just participating at our local sailing venue or go a little further & try your hand at the more competive side of our sport in one of the organised regatta events with many of our members travelling to patticpate in Regional, State and National events throughout Australia.

Whatever your sailing skills are, this hobby or sport will cater for them. You never know, you could become a State, National or even World Champion at Radio Sailing as some of our members have acheived and still acheiving today.               

Some of our club members have been designing, building and sailing radio controlled yachts for over 35 years & have made many friends from all over Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada etc.

The classes of yacht we race or sail socially at our club include DF65/RG65, IOM and A Class but you may also see the occasional 10 Rater, or Marblehead being sailed. 

You can receive assistance & guidance regarding all aspects of this fascinating and enjoyable sport by very friendly and experienced members.

Contact the Club Captain or just turn up and introduce yourself.