Racing & Coaching

RACING is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the  Australian Radio Yachting Association

The following Classes of Radio Controlled Yachts are sailed by members of  the Wollongong Model Yacht Club:

1.   A Class
2.   Marble Head
3.   Ten Rater Class 
4.   International One Metre Class
5.   65 Class (including RG65) 

6.   Dragon Force 65

To learn how to sail these lovely boats is easy. We have basically two types of members at our club.

  1. Those who are learning and wish to simply sail around with others and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Those who are more experienced and wish to compete. We have a schedule of races on each wednesday and saturday. Our club is well represented on the state, national and international scene.

So, regardless of which type of sailing you want to enjoy, why not just turn up on a Wednesday or Saturday and introduce yourself. Or contact the Secretary for more information.